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Weltmuseum Wien

Veiled, Unveiled! The Headscarf

October 18, 2018 – February 26, 2019

A piece of fabric forms the focus of this exhibition. It is much older than Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Long before the birth of these religions, a headscarf denoted social differences in ancient Mesopotamia – and its absence women’s sexual vulnerability. Today, it lies before us weighed down with countless meanings.

The fabric that pious women use to cover their head, their face and frequently also their entire body whips up feelings. But the commandment that women cover their hair has been part of European civilisation for centuries. Its history stretches from the beginnings of Christianity until today.

The Weltmuseum Wien presents seventeen independent position on the headscarf, designed to broaden our view of this small piece of fabric by highlighting novel (and perhaps even unexpected) aspects.

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