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© ARGE Ralph Appelbaum Associates / Hoskins Architects
© ARGE Ralph Appelbaum Associates / Hoskins Architects

Weltmuseum Wien

The Emperor and the world at large – in the Hofburg Palace on Vienna’s Ringstrasse once again from autumn 2017

Reopening autumn 2017

With its comprehensive collections of ethnographic exhibits, historical photographs and books on non-European cultures the Weltmuseum Wien is one of the world’s leading ethnological museums.

Its origins date back to 1806 when the Imperial & Royal Ethnographic Collection was set up in the Imperial Natural History Cabinet (Hofnaturalienkabinett) following the acquisition of part of the Cook Collections.

The conceptual redesign of the Weltmuseum Wien now features 14 distinct exhibition rooms exploring supra-regional issues in greater depth. The focus is on unique cultural treasures from all over the world and the stories they have to tell.

The aim is to communicate to visitors the cultural diversity of the contents, stories and ways of life in a way that is as entertaining as possible, awakening a fascination for the new permanent exhibition, but also generating a thrilling enthusiasm and curiosity for the exciting special exhibitions – in a word, to stimulate all the senses and offer an unforgettable experience.

The highlights of the museum

The highlights of the Museum represent more than 500 years of high-quality collecting activities of the Habsburgs – among them objects from the Kunstkammer (Cabinet of Curiosities) of Emperor Rudolf II, the unique Mexican feather headdress Penacho, the world-famous collection of James Cook, objects from the voyages of discovery and research of the 19th century – yet remarkable objects and documents continued to be obtained in the 20th century.

The Hall of Columns

The central, majestic and heritage-protected Hall of Columns is the heart of the Weltmuseum Wien. It will be made accessible to the public, inviting the visitor to relax, and at the same time making him/her eager to visit the museum. It will be used as a backdrop for the Museum’s own events and client events. From the new Museum Café, the visitor has a particularly impressive view into the hall. One enters the museums’s galleries directly from the open hallway surrounding the upper level of the Hall of Columns.

The Weltmuseum Wien connects cultures and people from all over the world

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Weltmuseum Wien
Neue Burg, Heldenplatz
1010 Vienna

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currently closed

Reopening Autumn 2017

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