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Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

Art from five millennia

The Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna was built by Emperor Franz Joseph to house the splendid imperial collections, and they make it one of the world’s most important museums. Artefacts from five millennia – from ancient Egypt to classical antiquity to the late 18th century – document the patronage and connoisseurship of the art-loving members of the House of Habsburg.

In the Picture Gallery you can see celebrated master-pieces by Rubens, Rembrandt, Raphael, Vermeer, Velázquez, Titian and Durer, as well as the world’s largest collection of works by Bruegel.

At the Kunstkammer Vienna goldsmith’s works such as the famous saliera by Benvenuto Cellini, sculptural masterpieces, filigree works in ivory, valuable timepieces and complex automata by the best and most famous artists of the day – each item unique in the world – provide an unrivalled cross-section through the history of art.

Equally enjoyable for every art-lover is the magnificent building itself with its imposing staircase featuring a series of paintings on which Gustav Klimt collaborated.

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Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien
Maria-Theresien-Platz, 1010 Wien

Opening hours


& Bernini


Mon 9am – 6pm10am – 6pm
Di9am – 6 pm10am – 6pm
Mi9am – 6pm10am – 6pm
Do9am – 9pm10am – 9pm
Fr9am – 6pm10am – 6pm
Sa9am – 9pm10am – 6pm
So9am – 9pm10am – 6pm

Admission till half an hour before closing time.

Holiday opening hours

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