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Information for visitors with impaired mobility

Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

  • Barrier – free access at the side entrance of the Museum (Burgring 5)
    KHM visitor service escorts visitors to elevator and inside the Museum
  • 2 elevators available: entrance width 99 cm/38,98 inches, cabin depth 130 cm/51,18 inches, cabin breadth 150 cm/59,06 inches
  • 5 barrier – free restrooms (souterrain, raised ground floor, 1. floor)
  • Wheelchairs are available free of charge. (Please reserve one day in advance)
  • 2 public handicapped parking spaces at the side entrance on Burgring 5 (and 5 public handicapped parking spaces at the Heldenplatz)
  • The Museum offers special guided tours for disabled persons on request
  • Wheelchair users visiting the Museum via Burgring 5 can purchase their ticket at the shop in the Vestibule (entrance hall).


Weltmuseum Wien

  • The main entrance of the Museum is accessible without steps by using the platform lift. The special exhibition area on the Ground Floor and the galleries of the permanent exhibition on the Mezzanine Floor are also accessible without steps via lift.
  • The event area is also barrier-free. Please inform us and our visitor service will accompany you to the event area (contact via intercom terminal at the entrance to the WMW Forum and at the Ticket Office).
  • Café & Shop Both the cook café & bistro and the WMW Shop in the Hall of Columns are fully accessible via lift.
  • Restrooms: There are accessible toilets next to the cook café & bistro on the Ground Floor, at the entrance to the gallery In the Shadow of Colonialism on the Mezzanine Floor, and in the event area.

Imperial Treasury Vienna

  • Main entrance without steps, width of door 200cm, double-swinging doors, followed by ramp leading to ticket office
  • Galleries accessible via stairs or elevator
  • Elevator (width of doors 80 cm, cabin 140 x 120cm)
  • Bathrooms suitable for visitors with mobility impairments located near shop/ticket office
  • Wheelchairs available free of charge (please reserve a day in advance)
  • 5 public parking spaces reserved for disabled drivers on Heldenplatz

Imperial Carriage Museum Vienna

  • Main entrance with a low step (c. 3 cm), double-swinging doors (width of each door 68 cm)
  • Entrance to the collection: double-swinging doors, total width 130 cm
  • Ground Floor Galleries totally accessible for visitors with mobility impairments
  • First Floor Galleries accessible via stairs (width 128 cm, 12 steps, landing, then 155 cm, 10 steps, handrail on both sides of staircase at 100 cm)
  • Bathrooms located outside the Collection of Historical Carriages; at present, not suitable for visitors with mobility impairments

Ambras Castle Innsbruck

Upper Palace:

  • only ground Floor accessible for visitors with mobility impairments (via main entrance – inner courtyard, Gothic kitchen, St. Nicolas’ chapel, bathroom of Philippine Welser and anteroom); upper three floors (Portrait Gallery, special exhibition) not accessible for visitors wit mobility impairments
  • Please give advance notice to the ticket office.
  • Wheelchairs not available
  • 2 public parking-spaces reserved for disabled visitors

Lower Palace
(Collection of Arms and Armour, Kunstkammer):

  • Entrance: near shop/ticket office, special chip available there. Members of the museums staff will accompany visitors with mobility impairments to the elevator
  • Bathrooms suitable for visitors with mobility impairments located on the Ground Floor (access with Euro-key)
  • Spanish Hall: accessible via outside elevator

Access to all KHM museums is wheelchair accessible (step-free).

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