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Castle Ambras Plays Host

Offer your groups a unique experience by combining a visit to Castle Ambras in Innsbruck with a special programme. Listed here are a number of suggested packages. We are of course more than happy to tailor our offers to our requirements.

»Highlights« Group Package

This tour takes you to all the highlights of the collections. They include ceremonial suits of armour in the Armouries, local and exotic treasures of nature and the arts in the Chamber of Arts and Curiosities, portraits of princes in the Spanish Hall, the bathing room of Philippine Welser, and the stunning paintings of the inner courtyard.
After the tour, join us for a glass of sparkling wine in the romantic setting of the Peacock Garden.

»Bacchus at Ambras« Group Package

On this tour discover all manner of exhibits both precious and curious, rare and singular, in the Chamber of Arts and Curiosities, as collected by Archduke Ferdinand on the theme of wine and festivities. It also includes the remarkable Fangstuhl, a chair designed to trap guests during the raucous drinking parties held at Castle Ambras.
After the tour, join us for a glass of wine in the impressive surroundings of the Bacchus Grotto, complete with entry logged in the Ambras drinking book.

»Knights & Heroes« Group Package

We begin with a tour of Archduke Ferdinand’s famous Rüstkammer, or armoury, featuring rare examples of jousting armour and the suits of armour of famous field commanders and generals. One particular rarity is the suit of armour created for the court giant Bartlmä Bon.
After the tour, why not seize the unique opportunity to try on some of these original pieces of armour for yourself. Experience why, back then, it was always the men who took longer to get dressed and the ladies who were readily dazzled by the sight of them.

Children and Adolescents at Castle Ambras

Castle Ambras has all sorts of exciting themes in store for children and adolescents of all school ages. In addition to the regular public guided tours, choose from a wide range of private guided tours and workshops. We’re happy to advise you! Admission is free for children and adolescents up to age 19.

[pdf] Die süße (Ver-)Führung (1.5 MB) Highlight-Führung zur Sonderausstellung Frauen. Kunst und Macht


[pdf] Exklusive Repräsentationsveranstaltung zur Sonderausstellung (1.0 MB) Frauen. Kunst und Macht
Drei Frauen aus dem Hause Habsburg


More guided tours for groups:


€ 17 per person,
valid for groups of 10 or more; includes admission and guided tour

includes a glass of sparkling wine as part of the ‘Highlights’ Group Package
includes a glass of wine as part of the ‘Bacchus at Ambras’ Group Package

Duration: 1 ½ hours


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